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Requirementsforperformances and execution of International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environment Recovery INUDECO

1. Requirements to participate in the conference:

- Speakers has for presentation: 20 minutes in plenary, 15 minutes in sessions, 10 minutes in discussion events, 5 minutes to discuss the reports;

- Audio timer can operate to comply with regulations;

- During a speech it is allowed to use visual aids: photos, presentation Microsoft PowerPoint, video, audio and videos, maps, charts and other materials.

2. The conference proceedings will be issued according to the decision of Organizing Committee.

3. The organizing committee has the right to prevent the printing materials which have poor quality or are submitted with violation to time limit.

4. Authors, supervisors (if the participants are students) are responsible for the content and quality of the materials.

5. Thesis to presentation should be sent by conference participants to email organizing committee by April 10 of the current calendar year.

6. Requirements for the materials:

- Scientific works are accepted for publication that have not previously been published and are relevant to the Conference;

- Materials are in Ukrainian, English or Russian;

- The availability of annotations (150-200 words) in English;

- The technical requirements for the design: the MS Word or Open Office Writer (* .doc), A5. Fields - 1 cm on each side. Font Times New Roman, size 10, spacing 1, paragraph 0.5.Pages for articles - no more than 12, for thesis - from 1 to 3.

- General scheme of materials: names of authors, institution, city (unabridged), e-mail address; report title - in capital letters, centered; Magistrate trainees and students must indicate supervisor;

- The use of illustrative materials in articles and thesis should be minimal. All figures should be grouped as a single object;

- References (source language) should be in accordance with the established requirements;

- Students must submit a review of the supervisor as well as thesis;

- Work that does not fit the requirements and are not submitted by the specified deadline will not be considered;

- Best articles will be placed in scientific journalsaccording to decision of commitee.


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International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environment RecoveryINUDECO 2017, Slavutych, Ukraine